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Get Ready to Breathe Better With Hiloi

If You Suffer From Any Symptoms Caused By:



The Common Cold

Nasal Congestion


If you suffer from seasonal allergies, or are allergic to pets, Hiloi can help by gently opening the nasal passages. This increases air flow and reduces feelings of stuffiness and a clogged nose.


The Hiloi strips work to improve air flow and minimize the need for mouth breathing. This can help prevent snoring, giving both you and your partner a better night’s rest.

Common Colds

One of the most common symptoms of a cold is a plugged nose. Using a Hiloi strip can effectively open your nasal passages, improving your breathing and reducing feelings of stuffiness.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

When it comes to advanced athletic performance, one of the most important factors is oxygenation. The more oxygen your body receives the better your stamina levels will be. Wearing a Hiloi Nasal Strip while working out can greatly improve your athletic output as it may improve the air breathing while opening nostrils.

Stress Reduction

It has been proven that connecting with our breath can calm our heart rate, reduce blood pressure and minimize anxiety levels. By using the Hiloi Nasal Strips you can maximize the air flow to your body and experience the ultimate in relaxation.

Breathe Better With Hiloi Nasal Strips

Hiloi Nasal Strips are made of flexible, spring-like bands

The super-adhesive wings on each side of the band gently adhere to the sides of your nose.

The spring-like action of these bands works to comfortably open up the nasal passages, improving your ability to breathe.

With a comfortable, snug fit, these bands are designed for long-lasting durability. Wear them throughout the day, at night or while you workout and never worry about them losing adhesion.

Improved design

  • The super-adhesive wings on each side of the band gently adhere to the sides of your nose.

  • The spring-like action of these bands works to comfortably open up the nasal passages, improving your ability to breathe.

  • With a comfortable, snug fit, these bands are designed for long-lasting durability. Wear them throughout the day, at night or while you workout and never worry about them losing adhesion.

Embrace the Power of the Breath With Hiloi

Breathe Better

The Hiloi Nasal Strips use a gentle spring-like action to open your nasal passages. This allows more oxygen into your body and reduces the feelings of a stuffy nose.

Practice Self-Care

It’s time to take care of yourself! Using the Hiloi strips will help you breathe better and therefore help you feel better as well!

Experience More Energy

The Hiloi Nasal Strips can help increase your energy and enhance your vitality. When you minimize snoring, you will awake feeling fresh and revitalized. Your body will also be able to take in more oxygen, powering you through your day.

The Benefits of the Hiloi Nasal Strips are Endless

Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion is caused when the tissues and blood vessels in the nose become irritated and swollen. This causes a blockage in the nose and gives you that plugged-up, stuffy feeling, making breathing difficult.

The Hiloi Nasal Strips gently use their spring-like action to pull the nasal passages open and increase airflow through your nose. The Hiloi Nasal Strips are easy to use and a comfortable way to breathe better.


Everyday we are bombarded with allergens. Pollen, pollution and pet dander are just a few of the things that can cause our bodies to experience the irritating symptoms of allergies.

Sneezing and nasal congestion are just a few of the annoying effects that allergies can cause, all of which make breathing an uncomfortable and difficult task.

Hiloi uses a simple, drug-free technique to lift up your nostrils and make your breathing easier. It uses anti-allergic glue for its adhesion too!


Snoring can lead to a diminished quality of sleep for both yourself and your partner. It can leave you feeling exhausted in the morning and lacking the energy you need to get through your busy day.

The Hiloi adhesive wings gently open your nasal passages providing a smooth and steady flow of oxygen while you sleep. This may minimize snoring and leave you feeling fresh and awake when the morning comes.

The Common Cold

There is nothing more uncomfortable than suffering from the sniffling and sneezing of the common cold. When you are ill, breathing can be difficult, leaving you feeling even more run-down.

The Hiloi Nasal Strip will help open the nostrils, enlarging the nasal canals and making breathing a much simpler task. This will help you feel better faster, assisting your recovery from your cold symptoms in record time.

Breathing Problems

Our bodies are specifically designed for us to breathe through our nose. Our nostrils are equipped with a special function to filter and cleanse the air that we breathe. This provides us with the highest quality oxygen possible.

Unfortunately, many people find themselves involuntarily breathing through their mouths and have difficulty breathing properly through their nose. This could be due to congestion issues or a variety of other reasons.

By opening the nostrils, the adhesive wings of the Hiloi strips enhance airflow through the nose and into the lungs. This may eliminate mouth-breathing and improve the proper, deep nose breathing.

New and improved anti allergic glue for sensitive skin

Anti Allergic Glue

Using the Hiloi Nasal Strips is Simple!


Ensure that your skin is clean of all cosmetic products, natural oils and dirt. Gently wipe clean and dry the surface of your nose.


Remove the backing from your Hiloi strip, centering it on the bridge of your nose. Each wing should adhere to the sides of your nostrils.


The spring-like action of the Hiloi wings will gently pull open each nasal passage, improving your ability to breathe freely.


After a maximum of 12 hours, when you are ready to remove your Hiloi Strip, wash it with warm water, loosen each end & gently pull it off. Wash off any adhesive residue that remains.

For Athletes and Everyday People

The Importance of Oxygen

Whether you are a professional athlete or enjoy fitness as a hobby, one thing is certain - the more oxygen your body takes in, the better your athletic performance will be.

Oxygen is a crucial fuel for your body. It is inhaled into our lungs where it is transferred to our blood stream and pumped throughout our body to all of our muscles and organs.

Nasal Congestion Slows Us Down

When we experience nasal congestion, the amount of oxygen that our bodies receive is diminished. This means less oxygen in our blood and our athletic abilities decline.

When we receive more oxygen we can go faster, farther and harder!

What is Optimum Breathing?

Did you know that we should take 10 to 16 deep breaths, through our nose every minute?

This will allow our body to get all of the oxygen it needs, especially when engaged in strenuous physical activity.

When We Achieve Optimum Breathing We Experience:

  • Increased energy levels

  • Enhanced stamina

  • Better performance

  • Reduced fatigue

  • Improved cardiovascular activity

Experience the Benefits of Better Breath With Hiloi



Hiloi Nasal Strips may reduce mouth breathing which is vital if you have a cold or are living in an environment full of irritants. We are made to breathe through our nose - this way a lot of harmful elements in the environment are filtered out!


Hiloi may increase airflow during sleep, which can greatly improve your general sleep quality. Better sleep = better rest = more energy in the morning!


Nasal strips work instantly - that means that they provide instant increase in airflow just when you need it. Hiloi are tiny and easy to use; they can snugly fit in your pocket or wallet.


When you put a nasal strip on, you will not even feel it’s there. Pop one on today and enjoy the dramatically better airflow through your nose!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for the Hiloi Strips to work?

A: The Hiloi Nasal strips work instantly. The wings on the both ends of the Hiloy strip lift up your nostrils as soon as you attach the strip to your nose and may help you breathe freely.

Q: When should I use the Hiloi Nasal Strips?

A: You can use these nasal strips at night to decrease snoring and improve breathing while you sleep, or you can use them during the day to decrease nasal congestion or mouth breathing.

Q: How long can I wear a Hiloi strip?

A: The Hiloi Nasal Strip should be removed after a maximum of 12 hours.

Q: Are the Hiloi strips safe to use?

A: Hiloi Nasal strips use antiallergic glue and don't contain any medications. This means that Hiloi is a drug-free solution that is simple & comfortable to use.

Disclaimer: Hiloi products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease or condition, but rather to provide a complimentary supplement to the professionally assigned treatments. Read more...